how to request a recommendation

A few students have honored me in the spring of 2019 by asking that I write a college recommendation for them. Unfortunately, the answer is "maybe".

To permit me to give a definitive answer, I seek to accumulate a list of requesters by the end of Sunday 2019-05-26. That should let me answer by 2019-06-02.

  1. A student at Stuy is conventionally accorded two teacher-written recommendations. Limit your requests accordingly.

  2. Acquire insight into tasks I will ask of you if we decide to work together on the recommendation process. To do that, spend three minutes skimming these notes, stopping before the details under "clerical tasks".

  3. Enroll your request via this form.

I will establish some reasonable upper limit on the number of recommendations I can contribute. If it is necessary to cull the list of requesters, I will retain students who have contributed to the education of other students and me. In any case I will agree to write a recommendation only if I can recommend the student positively, and if I have good stories to tell. Good stories make good recommendations, and I do not want to write a bad or weak rec.

As long as you are ok with the possibility of my declining your request, you should feel free to make the request.

why I limit rec-writing (optional reading)

For the fall of 2018, I over-committed to writing college recommendations. I enjoyed writing the recs, because I enjoyed recalling the pleasure of working with the those students. But the time that writing took hurt students' education and cannot be worthwhile. I want to avoid repeating that error.