joining late home page

Welcome to this computer science class!

This page explains how to catch up and help me include you. Please attach a sense of urgency to accomplishing these tasks, because running behind in a computer science class interferes with learning, peace of mind, and grades.

Here's how to start:

  1. In your notebook, record the URL for the class's home page:

  2. Fill in this form.

  3. Catch up on the homework assignments, which you can find via the link at the top of the class's home page. Do them in numerical order, expecting that each will require about half an hour.

    Within 4 days of joining this course, finish the first two assignments (hw00 and hw01). Email me as soon as you finish them, so that I can grade them.

  4. To avoid falling further behind, you should simultaneously work on the current assignment, and then keep up with future assignments. The best way is to ask classmates to work with you. Academic honesty requires identifying anyone who helped you on an assignment, when you submit it.

Consult your classmates, since succeeding in computer science requires collaborative effort.

Communicate your status with me, by sending an email every two or three days until you catch up. That will allow me to help if I notice a way, and to make reasonable accommodation for your late start.

Catching up is hard and can therefore be discouraging. Take heart from the many students before you who have succeeded at it.