homework server

Students submit most homework electronically, using some great software written by ace comp sci teacher Mr. Peter Brooks.

reporting submissions

You can see what has been assigned, by following the links on the home page. Students can see which assignments they have yet to submit and which were submitted late.

Here is an artificial example:

hw server report

In this example from the middle of a semester…


Q: I submitted [a comment]. Afterwards, I submittted another comment… When i went to the 'view homework' page to check for my submissions, I could only see one comment. Does only one comment get submitted and the other gets written over? Or is it that the view page only shows my most recent submission?

A: "only one comment get[s] submitted". Later submissions overwrite earlier ones. So for long comments, copy the old comment and paste it into the new one.

Later submissions also change the date/time of the entry, which can make homework look late, even when the original submission was on time. That is unfortunate because revising previous submissions is really helpful for education, so they should be encouraged, rather than looking late.

A rare lateness is harmless. If you have a late rehearsal on Wednesday, and you compensate by catching up by doing two assignments on Thursday, usually the only harm is that Thursday's class will be a little confusing. Usually I only care about lateness if it is part of a pattern, warning me that the student and I should talk about the issue.

But if looking late matters to you for a particular assignment, you can put a few words in the new comment, telling me that it is a re-submission. Or, on the rare occasions when homework is graded for promptness, you can request a revision to the grade. In general, I recommend revising homework whenever you have the time and you can make a material improvement, and ignoring the apparent lateness. You are likely to learn from the revisions, but you have more valuable ways to spend your time than explaining that you did so.